The main component of natural gas is methane (CH4), the smallest and lightest among the molecules of hydrocarbons.

It also normally contains heavier gaseous hydrocarbons such as ethane (CH3CH3), propane (CH3CH2CH3) and butane (CH3CH2CH2CH3), and, in small quantities, pentane.

Energy power: The combustion of one cubic meter of commercial type of natural gas generally produces about 38 MJ (10.6 kWh). More precisely, we have:


The gas burners / feeders in various versions, mono, dual fuel, pulse, can function with preheated combustion air from 150 °C to 500 °C.

The various models of the series implement the “flameless” combustion for the ULTRA LOW performances (NOx<100mg/Nm3 – Tair=500°C @1200°C).



The sirio, fiamma, jet combustor models are blown air burners operating with natural gas, G.P.L., coal gas, biogas. The speed of the flue gases leaving the combustion chamber varies from a few m/s up to 200 m/s depending on the outlet section of the burner cone. They are therefore classified as a "high-speed gas burner". They have been designed so that the flame diffusion zone reaches considerable distances. As a result, they are installed on furnaces, in which it is necessary for the combustion gases to reach distances of 6 ÷ 8 meters without having flame bending. Their operation is automatic with ignition and detection by electrode. The temperature of the combustion air can vary from room temperature up to 100 °C. The maximum thermal capacity depending on the model is 230 kW (165,000 kcal/h) while the minimum capacity can reach up to 10 kW (8,250 kcal/h). The thermal potential can therefore be adjusted with a wide flow rate range up to a ratio of 20:1.


• Direct electrical ignition with ionization detection.

• Ratio max.-min. 20:1.

• Available in full version, with gas ramp containing a modulating valve, a flow meter, an oxidizing air fan, a control panel served by a thermocouple complete with PLC for the control of the air/gas ratio

• right or left orientation.
Areas of use
• All types of furnaces, whether oxidizing, stoichiometric or reducing combustion is required 









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