The BVA (air vein burner) generator is a machine designed to produce heat to be fed directly into a stream of air to be heated and, because of its versatility, can be used for multiple purposes and installed directly in the recovery pipeline, becoming part of it.

Other construction solutions allow the BVA to be placed in the sidewall of masonry air ducts or on the walls of mixing chambers.

The BVA generator consists of a gas burner capable of operating in an air vein and a carpentry structure that forms the machine frame, as well as the combustion air distribution rail.

The generator's burner is modular in design to allow versatility in construction to accommodate all types of requirements.



Food production and treatment, Wheat, corn and gras -drying installations etc., Air conditioning for commerce and industry, De-humidifiers, Spray-painting and curing lines for vehicles, Spray-painting and curing lines for industrial production, Coating of metals, Coating of textiles, Paper- and carton coating, Paper production and –treatment, Plastics production, Coating of components and cables etc., Brick and tile production / ceramic industry, Construction material production and treatment, Gypsum industry, Metal processing, Melting, Annealing, tempering, aging processes etc., Sintering, Hardening, Indirect heating of treatment bathes / immersion (e. g. galvanization), Flue gas after burning, Flue gas purification (diesel engines, turbines, wood incineration etc.), Exhaust air purification, dust incineration, Deodorization, Waste incineration, Biogas / liquid bio- fuels, Sewage gas, sewage sludge, Production of chemical and pharmaceutical substances.




And finally the high speed gas burners. All types of burners are supplied as complete ones with the necessary safety ramps and control and relevant control panels built in compliance with the regulations in force in the countries where they are to be installed.

Power: From 50 kW to 200 KW


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