The SUPERTEC Technology Workshop (STW) is an international engineering practice specialized in advanced industrial combustion  technologies operating in all over the world. The company operates with collaborators coming from all around the world, each selected for their experience. The company’s staff has the expertise to provide full technical design services, from concept design stage to construction supervision. The Company continues to increase the limits of technology – innovations, refining and experimenting – to come up with the very best solution for all conditions. The Company method of working is highly participatory, with clients, engineers and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the design process. The STW approach to design is not strictly conventional and involves the use of sophisticated software representing models and one-to-one scale mock-ups to help test and develop our proposed design concepts. We also believe that the design process is not linear and that it requires technicians to think and draw on different scales at the same time, considering each finished detail in the development of the overall design. Engineering & new technologies for combustion process is the SUPERTEC core activity. A well-rooted legacy in engineering design, along with a sound track record in managing large integrated complex projects in combustión technologies, has allowed SUPERTEC, through its main subsidiary Partners, to achieve a credible position as an international contractor. Thanks to a flexible business model the Company offers advanced skills in licensing, engineering services, EP (Engineering & Procurement), and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). A strong technology orientation provides access to the best available state-of-the-art processes, guaranteeing to the Company an international competence as a contractor. 

SUPERTEC acts as "MAIN CONTRACTOR" for the supply of equipment and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) object of demand in emerging countries and operates in a new business model in which professionalism, quality, flexibility and technological innovation become the key asset to distinguish the company's approach to the market:

• Engineering - provision of basic and detailed engineering

• Key components - supply of essential components

• Spare parts - supply of spare parts

• Technical assistance - provision of technical supervision

• After sale service




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